Jordan’s top 4 Dead Sea spa experiences

Jordan’s Dead Sea and its therapeutic properties remain one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions. Here are the top four treatments to seek out while you’re there...
 Dead Sea healing mud facial. Photo: Shutterstock
Dead Sea healing mud facial. Photo: Shutterstock

Less than one hour’s drive from Amman, the Dead Sea continues to draw visitors from around the world for its unique water qualities and climate, as well as its historical and spiritual significance. More and more hotels offer therapeutic treatments around the area; how do you find the best ones to indulge in?

The most luxurious and pampered experiences (including massages, body scrubs or body wraps – or all three in one session – plus access to spa pools, Jacuzzis, steam rooms, saunas, private beaches and Dead Sea water-filled pools) can be found at the award-winning Zara Spa, one of the biggest spas in the region at the Mövenpick Resort & Spa and included on both of Insight Guides' tours: Discover Jordan and Treasures of Jordan. Below are Zara Spa’s best four treatments on offer:

1. Dead Sea natural mud wrap

It may not feel clean at the time but a muddy body wrap is one of the most traditional treatments on offer. A common sight at the Dead Sea is people slathered in thick, dark mud, which is said to clean, purify and restore the skin’s natural minerals.

The treatment is thought to stimulate the skin, relieve muscle tensions, relax emotions and improve blood circulation. It would appear the dirtier you get, the fresher you’ll feel once finished.  

2. Dead Sea salt scrub

The Dead Sea's minerals and salts contribute a whopping 30% of its make-up, compared to a typical sea with less than 4%; these are used for a whole host of treatments. Using salts sourced from the nearby waters, this full body exfoliation leaves skin feeling soft, revitalised and practically brand new. Often used as a pre-treatment for other skin restorers or as preparation for those looking to develop a tan while on holiday. 

3. Dead Sea healing mud facial

Focusing on the face and the sensitive skin here, using the ever-popular thick black mud, this treatment leaves you feeling clean, blemish-free and restored. An additional steam treatment is available too, for those looking for a further deep cleansing treatment. The benefits? Skin that feels refreshed and looks younger.

Floating in the waters of the Dead Sea. Photo: ShutterstockFloating in the waters of the Dead Sea. Photo: Shutterstock

4. Purifying Milk Bath

If it's good enough for ancient Egyptian queens, we think it's good enough for us too. Indulge like Cleopatra in a tub of cool, refreshing milk. You'll feel moisturised, super smooth, restored and relaxed. What's not to love?

Swimming in the Dead Sea

If you're not looking to get pampered in a spa, it is possible to stop and swim along the Dead Sea's coast, but remember to bring fresh water to remove the sea's slightly glutinous residue left on the skin. Most visitors pay to use the facilities at one of the beaches or resorts, or park near one of the in-flowing streams.

Many of the beaches, both private and public, also have pots of mud that you can help yourself to beside the sea. Many of the hotels also allow non-guests to use private beaches and facilities for the day, or you can head to the new, private beach at O Village, south of the main hotels, or the (private) Amman Beach Tourism Resort or the cheapest option, the Amman Public Beach next door.

This article was originally published on 15th September, 2016

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