12 signs you haven’t travelled enough in the past 12 months

We’ve all been there – you don’t have time, your budget won’t stretch far enough – sometimes you simply can’t take a trip. If you’re suffering from these feelings, however, you need to get your next holiday in the planner now
Relaxing in swimming pool
Relaxing in swimming pool

1. You spend your days daydreaming endlessly

Whether you’re zoned out at your desk or staring vacantly out of your window, if you’re constantly thinking about being somewhere else and doing something more exciting, it’s time for a holiday. Don’t get me wrong, day-dreaming can be good for you, and even help you realise what’s missing in your life or aid your creativity levels. However, having your head in the clouds all the time or to the point where you’re mentally picking swimsuit styles over concentrating in a meeting, means it’s having a detrimental effect.

2. You find your journey to work a little bit too exciting

Thrilled for the front seat on the bus or to see your train arrive on time? It’s good to enjoy your journey to work but if you’re experiencing the same levels of exhilaration as a small child would for Thomas the Tank Engine, then this hints at not enough adventurous travel time. Whether you cycle, travel by train or even walk to work, you’ll find more excitement in a trip that incorporates these activities too. 

3. You often feel… Bored or restless

Feeling restless is, unfortunately, a fact of life. When things get a little bland or you're suffering from too much stress, it can be difficult to relax and switch off from everyday life. If you're feeling like this often, however, it's definitely been too long since you last escaped from it all. Taking a holiday gives you time and space to refocus and return recharged. Travelling removes you from your everyday routines and work, injecting a little adventure, as well as opening you up to new experiences, too.

4. ... And overworked

Responding to work emails at all hours? Check. Working overtime? Check. Feeling like you simply can’t keep up? Check. If you’re experiencing one or more of these it's time for a break from the office. Reward your recent hard work with a trip away, remembering that it doesn’t have to be lavish. Explore more of your own country on a stay-cation or take a relaxing long weekend (we have 13 super ideas for trips here). Either way, it’s important to reflect and know when you deserve a break.

5. You’re struggling to pick just one place to travel to next 

Ah. Classic. It’s been so long since you last travelled, you have no idea where to go next. You want to take a beach break… But also tick off a few cultural activities… And experience the latest food trends… While including active adventures too. Cramming too much into one trip will leave you feeling just as burnt out as when you departed; you'll need to accept that you can't do everything. Talk to local experts, like those we have at Insight Guides, to pick the perfect, on-trend destination for you and your budget or interests. 

6. You’re living for your weekends

#TGIF! Do you count down the days until Friday arrives? Are the last 30 minutes at your desk after 1700 just that little bit too painful? Does the Monday morning fear creep over you on Sunday after 6pm? It’s a sad truth but when you haven't travelled for a long time, you can end up simply living for your weekends. Working five days a week for the enjoyment of two (which always go by faster, right?) doesn’t seem like an appropriate work-life balance to us. Travelling often means you have adventures to look forward to, as well as ensuring you break up your stints at the office with more than two days at a time. 

You don't need to have an exotic adventure to escape; a staycation can do the trick. Photo: Shutterstock

7. Your passport pages are bare

Nope. This just isn’t good enough. While you have longer than 12 months to bulk it out, if your passport pages aren’t littered with stamps and visas from around the world then you’re definitely not travelling enough. Get your next trip planned now with the help of Insight Guides.  

8. You haven’t explored your own backyard

You might be strapped for time and money but that’s no excuse not to travel around your own country. Take a weekend break and head out to the countryside, exploring national parks or climbing mountains as you go. Me? I don’t have any overseas trips planned for 2017 just yet, but there are breaks to the Brecon Beacons, Bath and Cornwall in the pipeline already. 

9. You’re not bombarding your friends/families/colleagues with holiday stories

You can always tell when someone has recently been on a trip when they’re reeling off endless tips, stories and ‘funny’ experiences. If you’re not annoying anyone with tales of your latest escapades, it could be because you’re simply not having them frequently enough… 

10. Your backpack, suitcase or hold-all is far too pristine

Even though I take the utmost care, every time I return from a trip my luggage seems to be more scuffed, battered and well... well-travelled than before. If your bags are looking too clean and new then you’re definitely not using them enough. Get packing now on one of Insight Guides' suggested itineraries.

11. Things out of your routine make you feel a little edgy

It's safe to say travelling and taking holidays, while often relaxing, can place you outside of your comfort zone, as you explore new destinations, taste new foods or experience new cultures. If trying something different in your hometown makes you feel angsty, however, then you know it's time to push yourself to try something further afield. Challenge yourself to explore a new region, take on a mountain summit or activity-based trip, or travel in a new way (like on your own). You'll return feeling like you can conquer anything.

12. You haven’t planned your next trip

If you've not travelled for quite a while then it's possible you might not have anything upcoming either. Having something in the diary helps to keep you focused and feeling happy. With an adventure on the horizon, it keeps you motivated and excited too. So, what are you waiting for? Get planning your next adventure with the help of Insight Guides' local experts now

How has not travelling for months on end made you feel? Have we missed off your signs? Share your comments below!