Top 10 travel vlogs to follow in 2017

With so many bloggers taking to YouTube, 2017 is shaping up to be the year of the travel vlog (what's a vlog, you ask? Video + blog = vlog).We've rounded up the top vlogs to follow in 2017. Happy viewing!
Travel vlogger
Travel vlogger. Photo: Alliance/Shutterstock

Which travel vloggers give the best advice? Find out with our recommendations below. Photo: Alliance/Shutterstock 

1. Love Alana Chan

Alana Chan makes for a quirky, lovable travel buddy. Documenting her travels with an endearing light-heartedness, she doesn't take herself too seriously. At the same time, she provides a first-person glimpse into what it means to experience a new place. And don't be surprised if you catch yourself laughing out loud at some of her antics. Here, she explores The Grand Mosque in Dubai; discover it for yourself on Insight Guides' Magnificent Emirates tour.

2. The Travel Vlogger

Brian Cox creates short, bite-sized videos that highlight too many exotic destinations to count. Having travelled to over 40 countries (and having lived everywhere from Costa Rica to Colombia to Australia to Spain), he knows a thing or two about activities, nightlife and accommodations.

"Travelling is the best education you can ever receive," Cox tells Insight Guides." Not only will you learn about the world and the people that live on it, but most importantly you will learn a lot about yourself in the process."

Admittedly, his approach to travelling has changed immensely over the years. "When I first started, I would do lots of research before a trip to find out the best things to see and do in each destination. Today, I only research how to get from the airport to the accommodation, letting the people I meet at a new destination shape my experience," he says.

3. Hey Nadine

Nadine Sykora's vlog is part silly meanderings of a solo traveller, part stellar travel advice, part free-spirited wisdom. Either way, it's always entertaining—Sykora definitely has a knack for pulling her viewers in close and maintaining their attention. Bookmark this one for some inspiration and fun.

"Don't overthink travel," Sykora says. "The world is far more accessible than you think. All it takes is that first few leaps, then the rest you'll be skipping through in no time."

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4. Gone With The Wynns

Self-described "perpetual travelers and modern day documentarians," Jason and Nikki Wynn left their ordinary life behind to live on the road and explore America in their RV. Their videos document everything from chasing the northern lights to swimming with sea cows. If this vlog doesn't inspire you to get up and go, we're not sure what will.

 Eileen Aldis

2017 was the year Eileen Aldis sold all her stuff, bought a one-way ticket to Mexico, and began her exciting new life as a digital nomad. She has no fixed plans on where she will be venturing this year – although Colombia is on her list – so be sure to check her channel to find out where in the world she is! Eileen's videos provide fascinating cultural insights to the places she visits, and detailed explorations of some great off-the-beaten track places; she also has a great blog, which you can check out here.

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6. Fun For Louis

Louis Cole is arguably the most well-known travel vlogger out there these days—and with good reason. Adventure, passion, discovery, living life to its fullest...this is what Cole is all about, and it shows through in his videos. He's a wanderer more concerned with the journey than the destination. In the meantime, his videos are sure to ignite your own travel desires.

7. Karl Watson Travel Documentaries

Since quitting his job and trotting the globe, Karl Watson is recording it all. Watson uploads short but captivating videos of getting lost in The Forbidden City, backpacking in Nepal, and exploring the Canadian Rockies. Those inclined towards adventure sports might want to check this one out.

"Nothing beats the freedom of travelling, when I know that my only responsibility for the next few days, weeks or months is to have a good time," says Watson, who just recently arrived in India. "Some people like to travel with no plan at all, but personally I prefer planning ahead. By doing a bit of research it means I won't miss out on the best things, I can afford to do everything I want, plus it means I don't have to waste time looking things up when I'm on the road."

8. Kristen Sarah

Kristen Sarah specialises in off-the-beaten-path destinations and adventures. She certainly doesn't shy away from getting out of her comfort zone—her videos feature experiences like taking a nude dip in a naked sauna in Finland and encountering rambunctious iguanas in Curacao.

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9. Migrationology

Mark Wiens is the ultimate travel vlog for foodies of all stripes. His philosophy is that local food is one of the best ways to experience the culture of a new place. Based in Bangkok, his videos are great for anyone with a flair for Thai cuisine. But his explorations definitely stretch far beyond.

"Food is one of the best reasons to travel," Wiens tells Insight Guides. "When you travel for food, and aim to discover and experience authentic local food, not only will you learn so much about ingredients and different dishes, but you'll also undoubtedly meet some amazing people—maybe others eating at the restaurant or maybe the family or chef that owns the restaurant. Food is not only delicious, but it opens so many doors to experience a local culture."

BOOK IT: Thailand Explorer

10. Vagabrothers

Brothers Marko and Alex are all about using social media to discover unknown corners of the world. From remote villages to buzzing cityscapes, the pair celebrates the diversity of planet earth firsthand—and they're documenting every minute.

"Vagabrothers is a travel show that's all about balancing entertainment with education, about making the foreign feel familiar and the distant seem accessible," Marko tells Insight Guides." It’s aimed at what we call 'the global generation'—young people who will work, travel and live around the world, no matter where they were born. We adjust our focus accordingly."

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This article was originally published on April 7, 2016