Top 3 Hong Kong Spook Fests

Top 3 Hong Kong Spook Fests , (photo by Lan Kwai Fong Association )
Top 3 Hong Kong Spook Fests

Halloween is fast approaching. If you haven’t planned your outfit time is of the essence. You might think that being a western festivity Hong Kong will bypass the horror and the sugar but due to a heavy expat community (and a great excuse to play dress up and party), over the years Hong Kongers have starting celebrating Halloween in a big way. Here is the top 3 Hong Kong Spook Spots from our resident Hong Kong blogger Echo Leung.

Rigor Mortis


This is the biggest and best place to go. There is an impressive total of 7 haunted attractions. “One of this year’s highly anticipated attractions is Rigor Mortis LIVE, a recreation of scenes in Director Juno Mak’s award-winning directorial debut. Roam around dilapidated public estates. Marvel at blood spatters, gravity-defying ghost stuntmen, as well as characters from the movie. An equally exciting offering is the H14 madhouse, where scares are reportedly customized to the participant’s fears, and the Forest of Legends, which features a Chinese fairyland in the day before dramatically transforming into an ancient tomb come nightfall.”

Rigor Mortis



This is a totally new thriller experience, brought to Hong Kong after 12 successful years at Las Vegas’ MGM Circus. Located in the Peak Galleria there are two haunted houses: Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Killer Klowns in 4D. There is a Scare Zone, live performers, games and many more attractions. Be sure to check out the Bury-Me-Alive simulator and nightly laser light show.

LKF Street Party


LKF is City Central’s well-known party hub full of bars & clubs. “LKF is throwing its annual Halloween Street bash, ‘Till Death Do Us Part’, in celebration of the Bloody Mary and Horrible Tom Collins wedding.” In terms of costume be ready to compete, The Hong Kongers don’t do things by halves. Dress up, paint your face, and pour onto the streets.

We suggest arriving early or making table reservations ahead of the game to make sure you don’t go thirsty when queuing in a sea of people.

For less frightful activities the day after pick up a Berlitz Pocket Guide to Hong Kong published the very same day for the latest this dynamic city has to offer.