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Top five cruise destinations in 2013 | Insight Guides Blog

Top five cruise destinations in 2013

Cruising on the Rhodes waterfront, (photo by Britta Jaschinski )
Cruising on the Rhodes waterfront

Here at the Insight, we're brimming with travel plans for 2013. Where to go? What to do? Some of us are thinking about taking a cruise, and luckily Douglas Ward has some great advice about the latest and greatest.  Here are his top five tips on where to cruise in 2013 - the perfect advice if you're looking to sail away this year.

1. The Mediterranean

The whole region is a kaleidoscope of countries, with different cultures, customs, and traditions, plus an amazing variety of architecture. You can cruise directly from the UK, or fly to Barcelona, Rome, or Venice, and you’ll get to see a wide variety of destinations in Spain, Portugal, and Italy. You could also start in Venice and cruise along the Croatian coastline to places like Rijeka, Split, and Dubrovnik.  


2. Danube or Rhine River Cruise

River cruises are really hot this year, because it’s such a comfortable way in which to see major inland cities such as Vienna, Budapest, and Cologne, plus a host of other small towns (and vineyards) along the Danube. The scenery is simply beautiful, and, if you take a Rhine cruise you’ll see castles galore. All shore excursions are included, and, with less than 200 passengers, it’s a small group experience.


3. Baltic and Northern Capitals

Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, with the highlight of an overnight stay in St. Petersburg - are on the list of cities you’ll visit during a 12-14-day cruise. The architecture of me of the palaces in and close to St. Petersburg is simply stunning.


4. Alaska

A cruise to Alaska is all about nature and seeing glaciers and wildlife in a natural setting, interspersed with visits to gold mining towns, flightseeing over the glaciers, and salmon bakes.


5. Norwegian Fjords

Cruising in tranquil waters through the fjords of Norway can be a magical experience. You’ll visit Bergen, where the music of Grieg is a focal point. Then there’s the history, culture, and the natural beauty of the fjords and glaciers themselves.


Are you heading on a cruise this year? Leave us a comment and let us know where. For more updates keep following the Insight blog, or check us out on Twitter @InsightGuides or on our Insight Facebook page.  

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