Travel Photography Contest - The Staff Favourites (Part 2 of 2)

Santorini Island, Greece, on sunset.
Santorini Island, Greece, on sunset.

Part two of our staff's favourite entries for the travel photo competition. The first part can be found here.

Becky's Favourites 

Derek Daly: Kenyan boys

"I think the vitality and variation in this shot are great. Every single expression is so striking, ranging from cautious intrigue (the boy half-hiding behind the boy in the front), to amused curiosity (the boys on the right), to scowling scrutiny (the boy bottom left). What an interesting bunch – I bet that they were fun to photograph."


Jan Klos: Kraków, Poland

"To me, this sums up one of the best things about travelling around cities – stumbling across little cosy bars tucked away down alleyways, filled with moody lighting (and sometimes even moodier patrons). A great find after a long day of sightseeing. It's always worth trying the local tipple!"


 Will Hatton: Annapurna, Nepal

"I think the juxtaposition here between the raging water and the family's gentle bath is lovely. The colours are gorgeous too. I particularly like the little boy's grin! Who can blame him?"


Chris Hill-Scott: Pilbara, Western Australia

"Whilst a lot of travelling may be about trekking around and manically trying to fit loads of things into your time away, I think the most enjoyable parts of a trip are often when you finally stop to properly take it all in. I love the relaxed poses of these men, just having a pleasantly quiet moment in front of a stunning vista. The way the light comes through the tree here is also really nice. And who doesn't want a hammock?"

Lisa's Favourites 

Yen Baet: Santorini

"I was blown away by the mixture of sunset and inviting lights of the the doorways and windows, bringing a warmth to the blank-canvas buildings."


Andy Parker: Venice

"Outstanding shot, loving the brilliant rich vibrancy of the costume, set against the stone, formal background."


Kelly Taylor: elephant family

"I'm amazed how she managed to catch the essence of beauty of this family, just after a mud bath."

James's Favourites 

Marc Provins: Barcelona

"It's all about the lighting here, a brilliant exposure."


David Meredith: Belgrade, Serbia

"Great use of an ultra-wide angle, almost fish eye lens which really pulls the eye to the stark structure at the centre of the image. The bare trees and immense sky add a chill which the red paving attempts to overcome. Wonderfully bleak."

Tom S's Favourites 

"Both of these images are fantastic examples of the more artistic entries we had; they have fantastic angles and beautiful use of colour and light which draws you in and just holds you. It's refeshing after working all day on photos of churches, people and beaches to have something a little more abstract appear on the screen. This year saw less use of black and white than we have previously received but we got quite a few images that had been manipulated with digital filters; the retro "Instagram" look was definitely present this year. These two images show that you can achieve an abstract image naturally without post-production."

Michelle Duerden: The beach hut, Karpas peninsular, Cyprus


Will Boase: A safari guide pushes through elephant grass in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda