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Yoga in Bali

Age-old traditions, together with its stunning and serene location, make Bali one of the world's premier yoga destinations. Read on for our top tips and recommendations...
Yoga meditation in the temple of Bali. Photo: Shutterstock
Yoga meditation in the temple of Bali. Photo: Shutterstock

Taking a holiday to Bali: how to get started

Insight Guides can help you with planning, organising and booking your trip to Bali. Simply, get in touch and share your budget, interests and travel style. Our local experts will create an itinerary exclusive to you and your requirements. You can then amend it until it's just right. Alternatively, browse and modify ready-made holidays to create your dream trip today. Remember, all of our itineraries are fully customisable. You can add or remove as many stops you like, until you are completely satisfied.

Bali: the world's perfect yoga destination?

The Balinese call their island 'God's Masterpiece' and the 'Dawn of the Universe'. These names may seem grandiose or hyperbolic, but they aren't. Bali, the most popular island of the Indonesian Archipelago, is like no-where else on earth. Millions come from far and wide each year. They come for its famed mythical beauty and in search of world-class waves and hikes. They also come in search natural harmony, in the most serene of surroundings. Religion plays a big role in the life of the Balinese. Much of its population follows Hinduism, which stresses the importance of a harmonic relationship with nature. As a result, life on Bali moves at a slower pace than most places on earth. A peaceful atmosphere is cultivated and permeates every aspect of life.


Why is Bali so unique?

Bali is home to a variety of landscapes unlike anywhere else on earth. It is ringed with tropical beaches and crystal-clear water, and its interior is carpeted by a patchwork of picture-perfect rice paddies, dense rain forests and ancient temples. Bali is home to some 300,000 temples and shrines. Traditional rituals and ceremonies are still very much a part of everyday life on Bali.  

For centuries, traditional treatments and therapies like Indian Ayurveda have been popular in Bali. The islanders' use of organic farming methods and ancient recipes has helped to sustain this interest. As Bali's popularity has grown, so has interest in these alternatives therapies. There is no better place to practice yoga and Ayurveda than Bali.


Best Bali yoga retreats

There are plenty of yoga retreats, shalas, and ayurvedic treatment centres to choose from. They vary quite a lot in terms of quality and price. Needless to say, getting the right package for you personally is very important! 

Bagus Jati Resort is nestled amongst the tropical forests surrounding Ubud, and boasts fantastic views of the surrounding hills and mountains. The resort is set in 5 acres of fragrant, well-kept hillside gardens. Organic fruit and vegetables, together with herbs and flowers are all grown here. Many are used in either spa treatments or dishes prepared by the kitchen. Stay in the Bagus Jati with Insight Guides' Bali Yoga Retreat trip.  

Fivelements is an award-winning eco-resort that clings to the banks of the picturesque Ayung River. The retreat, which opened in 2007, is located in a picturesque thatched building, and focuses on "designing high impact wellness strategies aimed at supporting individuals, couples and organisations enduring life transitions and transformation." Holistic spa treatments, yoga lessons and meditation therapies are all taught. 

Surrounded by picturesque rice fields and fragrant gardens, Naya is located a short drive from the town of Ubud. Naya is comprised of two properties: Naya and Naya's Rainbow, and is run by Rebecca Pflaum, a Kundalini-inspired Yoga teacher. Naya is home to several relaxing and tranquil spaces, including an ozone swimming pool.