Discover Myanmar – Our Destination of the Month

With lush rice paddies, serene lakes, enormous Buddha statues and golden pagodas, Myanmar (Burma) is a land of astonishing landscapes and monuments – that’s why we’ve chosen it as our Destination of the Month...
Dhammayazika Temple, Burma, (photo by Corrie Wingate)
Dhammayazika Temple, Burma

Democratic reforms have bought about dramatic change to Myanmar. With economic sanctions eased and long-running civil wars finally at an end, Myanmar's future is once again bright. 

For the foreign tourist, travelling across the country is like going through a time warp; the former capital, Yangon (Rangoon), may be sprouting skyscrapers, but elsewhere the traditional way of life lives on. People live in low-rise towns and villages made of mud brick and bamboo, bullocks plough the paddy fields, horse-carts outnumber cars.

This quirky, old-world atmosphere makes Myanmar a fascinating place to travel with new adventures and awe-inspiring sites around every corner. Traditions of the past are obvious; walking the streets of Mandalay in the early morning, you’ll see hundreds of shaven-headed monks queuing for alms, young women with fragrant thanaka paste smeared over their faces, elderly vegetable sellers puffing on oversized cheroots, and all manner of exotic headgear, from conical straw hats to burgundy turbans. 

The everyday smells in the street can be just as strikingly unfamiliar, along with the wonderful flavours of Myanma cooking, with its pungent mix of spices, seafood sauces and coconut milk.

Myanmar is a joy to discover, with more world-class monuments than you could possibly see on a 28-day tourist visa, a wealth of vibrant arts and crafts traditions and, not least, inhabitants whose resilience, gentleness and hospitable attitude to foreigners impress every visitor.

We’ll be exploring the region throughout the coming month, and getting first-hand accounts from David Abrams and Corrie Wingate, the author and photographer of our best-selling Myanmar travel guide. We’ll be telling you the best places to visit, what to eat and how to travel responsibly. 

Taking a holiday to Myanmar: how to get started

Insight Guides can help you with planning, organising and booking your trip to Myanmar. Simply, get in touch and share your budget, interests and travel style. Our local experts will create an itinerary exclusive to you and your requirements, which you can amend until it's just right. Alternatively, browse and modify ready-made holidays to create your dream trip today. For more inspiration, take a look at our online guide to Myanmar to plan your visit and discover when's best to go, the top attractions, historical highlights and some of the best cultural features.

This blog was originally published on April 1, 2013

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