The most romantic places on earth

Looking to explore the most romantic destinations the world has to offer? To pinpoint the best of the best, we reached out to our readers to fill in the blanks. We asked, you answered!
Bali is easily one of the most romantic places in the world.
Bali is easily one of the most romantic places in the world.

The beaches of Thailand

"Surprisingly, Ko Yao Yai is actually one of the largest islands sitting smack dab between Krabi and Phuket. Due to its proximity to major destinations and size, we were certain we would be ambushed by the hoards of people that flock the nearby islands – the opposite was true. The beach was pristine – sure, the water may not have been quite as turquoise as the famous Koh Phi Phi – but it was still pretty idyllic. And the best part? The beach, surrounded by pine trees with warm water gently cresting on the shore, was all ours."

- Andrea Appin, from Santiago, Chile

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Granada, Spain

"Getting to visit the Alhambra Palace, eating scrumptious food to the sound of gypsy guitar players, exploring the narrow streets of the old town; to climb up to a mirador and see the whole Sierra Nevada's snowy peaks around us was just magic."

- Pauline Paquin, from Miami, Florida

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Thailand's Krabi beach is a lover's paradise. Photo: ShutterstockThailand's Krabi beach leads the pack for romantic trips. Photo: Shutterstock

Bali, Indonesia

"I spent 10 days in Bali this past September and, for a change, my husband was able to go with me. We stayed at the new Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Ubud, Bali. It was the most amazing romantic experience: we had our own butler, a private pool, riverfront dining in a little wicker cocoon, and a shower in the garden."

- Susan Lanier-Graham of Wander With Wonder

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Yangshuo, China

"Just this past July, I had the opportunity of travelling from Beijing to Yangshuo. A small tourist town in Guangxi province, known not only for its outstanding cuisine and the Li River, but also its mountainous scenery. Karst mountains, much like you’ve seen when people use stock images of China, line the entire town with walking streets built all around them, living up to their picture-perfect presence. Most hotels provide you with rooftops, usually accompanied by a bar or coffee shop that are perfect for sitting with your loved one and soaking up the neon pink sunset, turning the mountains into a silhouette."

- Monica Weintraub of Wok Like Me

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Luang Prabang, Laos

"This city isn't the most popular 'romance' destination, but it should be. It's filled with boutique hotels, French restaurants and stunning waterfalls. One night, we even hired a local boat to take us for a cruise along the river at sunset, while we shared a bottle of red wine and watched the stunning, colourful sunset. It was like something out of a movie!"

- Kelly Mazur, from Toronto, Canada

Mekong river, port, Luang Prabang, Laos. Photo: ShutterstockCruising the Mekong river is a romantic way to see Luang Prabang, Laos. Photo: Shutterstock

Santa Barbara, California

"The most romantic destinations I’ve travelled to are Santa Barbara, Saint Emilion and Napa Valley. In fact, my husband and I chose Santa Barbara as the destination for our wedding, after experiencing some of the most memorable and romantic weekends together throughout our relationship. The quaint, coastal town is breathtakingly beautiful cradled between the vast San Ynez Mountains and the Pacific, only interrupted by the Channel Islands in the distance. There are a handful of special inns and resorts, but the Bacara Resort & Spa, tucked away on a coastal alcove near Goleta, wins for romance with its Spanish architecture, phenomenal spa and beach access – all of which make it difficult not to book one more day."

- Calee Brean Killion, from Newport Beach, California

Milos, Greece

"Situated in the Cyclades, volcanic Milos – inhabited since 8,000 BC – radiates a low-key, boho-chic vibe that has long remained an insider secret among Greek couples seeking a romantic, peaceful island getaway where you can completely disconnect and unwind. The key reason you should head to this mineral-rich isle is its mind-blowing beaches, which are incredibly diverse, despite the island’s small size; from moonscape-like Sarakiniko to the stark white limestone cliffs and arches of Kleftiko, where pirates of the Middle Ages once hid and is accessible only by yacht."

- Helen Iatrou of Greecessence

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"The most romantic place I've ever visited is Hawaii. It's so good that my wife and I were married here and moved here 10 years after that. Few things are better than finding a remote and hidden beach to hang out with a loved one. One of our favourite spots is Kooks Beach on Maui."

- Matt Anderson of

Hiking couple on Hawaii, Waihee ridge trail. Photo: ShutterstockHiking couple on Hawaii, Waihee ridge trail. Photo: Shutterstock

Antigua, Guatemala

"In the centuries-old colonial mountain town of Antigua, Guatemala, there is the most romantic destination on earth, a restaurant called El Sereno. If you reserve La Cava (the cave) you have all to yourselves an intimate two-top inside a natural stone cave that’s about 10 feet by 12 feet and has a high 'ceiling' made of rock. The pathway to it – which is in a garden on the main restaurant’s premises – is sprinkled with rose petals. Once you order, a three-piece mariachi band stands just outside the opening to the cave and serenades you with your choice of a romantic tune or a melancholy one. The food is excellent, the service is discreet, but the ambiance is like nothing you’re ever experienced."

- Tom Kerr from Asheville, North Carolina

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Iguazu Falls, Argentina

"Between the rainbows and crashing waterfalls, it was one of the most romantic places my boyfriend and I have ever visited."

- Julie Spira from Los Angeles, California

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Positano, Italy

"Cinque Terre on the Ligurian Coast and Positano on the Amalfi Coast are probably the very top of the list. Both are incredibly beautiful coastal areas, watching the sunsets and moon are both spectacular, taking walks and boat rides are truly stunning. The food is so fresh and amazing. We rented an apartment in Cinque Terre for a week and stayed at an amazing hotel in Positano, and they were both unforgettable experiences. Our pictures are lovely reminders, but the mental images in my head are even better. Those were two of the best weeks of my life."

- Paige Arnof-Fenn from Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Charming Positano. Photo: ShutterstockCharming Positano is perfect for romantic getaways to Italy. Photo: Shutterstock


Deep Water Cay, Bahamas

"We loved having our own private beach from which we could watch the sunset and frolic in the water with no one around for miles."

- Gina Lovino, from New York City, New York

Young Island, St Vincent

"I went there for my honeymoon and it's amazing. No clocks. No Internet. No noise. Just bells that ring for meals. There's so much to do   snorkelling, swimming in bat caves, and climbing in the rainforest   yet, you can also do nothing at all."

- Denine M. Anderson-Regan of We Know Stuff


"My husband and I celebrated his 40th birthday last February in Tanzania. I wouldn't necessarily refer to a safari as a romantic destination, but when you are the only two out in the middle of the Serengeti, it is one of the most picturesque places on earth to be. Our driver took us out looking for animals and there would be hours upon hours where we would see nothing but the endless plains of the Serengeti standing up side by side peering out at this vast wonder. It is quite romantic to be witnessing this beauty together."

- Alan Locher, from New York City, New York

Elephant Family in Tanzania with Kilimanjaro. Photo: ShutterstockAn elephant family strolls the plains in Tanzania with Kilimanjaro in the background. Photo: Shutterstock

Cartagena, Colombia

"It's a picture-perfect old town; literally. Puerto Rico’s old town has nothing on Cartagena. There are lots of spectrums for romance: Cheesy horse-drawn carriage rides and drippy-candle restaurants, but also fun adventure activities like a mud volcano and tiny hole-in-the-wall eateries with local food."

- Sarah Pease, from San Diego, California

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Paris, France

“One of my favourite and most romantic places to cozy up with your significant other is along Seine River, Paris. The Seine River is the main river that runs through the middle of Paris; you really can’t go wrong with any location. I prefer to pick up a bottle or two of our favourite wine, find a location near one of the famous bridges by the Norte Dame, and enjoy the sunset and ambience.”

-Anita Covic of TripTogether

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The Seine in Paris. Photo: ShutterstockThe gorgeous Seine in Paris makes for a romantic cruise. Photo: Shutterstock

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