13 best places to take a babymoon

Planning for a baby is a stressful affair. Why not book a getaway before the big day? Whether you prefer one last romantic hurrah or a solo vacation on your own, these destinations are the absolute best places to take a babymoon.
Babymoon. Photo: Shutterstock
Babymoon. Photo: Shutterstock

Planning for a baby is a stressful affair. Why not book a getaway before the big day? Whether you prefer one last romantic hurrah or a solo vacation on your own, these destinations are the absolute best places to take a babymoon.

Translation: Step away from the baby registry and start packing!


1. Singapore

For the mummy-to-be with a weakness for luxury shopping, glitzy Singapore will definitely scratch the itch and Insight Guides' Indulgent Singapore trip will show you some of the best places to shop. This Asian gem boasts some of the best high-end retail around, including the spectacular Louis Vuitton flagship store that actually sits on top of its own floating island. (Yes, seriously.) You'll find it at Marina Bay Sands, which plays host to a number of designer labels. Recharge your batteries with a bit of pampering at the ultra-glamorous So SPA in Sentosa.

2. Venice

Few destinations are quite as charming as Venice, making it one of the most romantic cities for a babymoon. The quiet waterways, the architecture and the quaint little cafes make Venice the ultimate escape; take it all in on Insight guides' Romantic Venice trip. Soak in the old-school European vibe, incredible eateries and top-notch museums on a signature gondola before settling into one of the city's many picturesque B&Bs. Since Venice was made to get lost in, expectant mums may want to plan their trip when the weather is at its best. (We suggest autumn or spring.)

3. New York City

It's hard not to get swept up in the magic of Manhattan, especially while pregnant. The city is positively dripping with fantastic maternity shops like Rosie Pope and Yummy Mummy. Central Park makes for a delightful shopping break; sprawl out a blanket and dig into some local takeout while people-watching in the shade. (The Great Lawn, the Mall and Turtle Pond are all quintessentially New York.) Afterward, stop by Bliss or Motherly Love for a heavenly prenatal massage.

Central Park in NYC. Photo: ShutterstockCentral Park in NYC. Photo: Shutterstock

4. Malaysia

Malaysia is the ultimate babymoon destination for nature lovers. While hiking and scuba diving will likely be off limits for expectant mums, that doesn't mean all active excursions are off the menu. Take a dazzling nature walk among hundreds of species of orchids and ferns in the majestic Kinabalu Park. If lounging on the sand is more your speed, Langkawi is home to some of the world's most gorgeous beaches. The waterfalls and natural geological formations alone are worth the trip. Experience it all on Insight Guides' Indulgent Malaysia trip. 


5. Switzerland

Snow bunnies can take to the Swiss Alps for a pre-baby vacation like no other. And while opting for a ski resort may sound counterintuitive for expectant mothers, ultra-luxe wintery accommodations are solid choices. The slow-paced mountain village of Mürren is an alluring standout - no cars, epic mountain views, and a downright charming 'little village' feel. For something more cosmopolitan, Geneva is a refreshing alternative with no shortage of elegant villas, staggering mountains and vibrant parks.

6. Abu Dhabi

If it's luxury with old-world charm you're after, the capital of the UAE is a top choice. In the run up to baby time, explore the magnificent Grand Mosque on Insight Guides' Dubai and Abu Dhabi: Bigger, Better, Taller trip; an enchanting collection of powder-white domes set against the blue vastness of the city. For a taste of Arabia, the spectacular Central Market is a must for traditional crafts and out-of-this-world local cuisine. As far as accommodations go, Emirates Palace will leave you feeling like royalty.

7. The Maldives

Oh, the Maldives... it simply doesn't get any more relaxing than this. The uber-secluded archipelago in the Indian Ocean is famous for its sapphire waters, bioluminescent marine life and remote location. The Maldives was relatively unknown until the 1970s, when the world began buzzing about its exotic lagoons and drop-dead gorgeous beaches. Since then, it's established itself as a bonafide luxury travel destination, especially for soon-to-be mums. There are high-end spas and romantic eateries at every turn. Combine a relaxing trip in the Maldives with a cultural discovery in Sri Lanka on Insight Guides' Luxury Sri Lanka and the Maldives trip. 

Relaxing on Maldives beach. Photo: ShutterstockRelaxing on Maldives beach. Photo: Shutterstock

8. Arizona

Spa junkies would never let us hear the end of it if we left Arizona off our list. This little pocket of the southwestern U.S. has a reputation for having some of the most luxurious, upscale spas in the country – and this definitely carries over to prenatal treatments. AZ Spa Girls breaks it down beautifully, listing the best pregnancy-geared facilities in Arizona. Our top choice on the list is Amomi Pregnancy Wellness Spa, which offers a diverse selection of pregnancy-safe body treatments, cosmetic enhancements and more. A spa-getaway babymoon? Yes, please.

9. Paris

The museums, the food, the culture; in the words of Audrey Hepburn, "Paris is always a good idea." Visiting while pregnant is no less magical. Paris is indeed a city for art lovers, romantics and culture vultures. Perfect for strolling, the City of Light plays host to a seemingly endless number of charming cafes. Trendy mamas will definitely want to check out Café de l’Industrie on Rue St- Sabin, Le Cochon à l’Oreille on Rue Montmartre or La Palette on Rue de Seine. Come nightfall, couples can catch a romantic, candle-lit dinner for two before settling in at an upscale boutique hotel. Pregnant or not, you can't go wrong with Paris. Spend a few days exploring this romantic city on Insight Guides' Luxury Paris trip. 

10. Sri Lanka

This locale has certainly earned its spot as a trending luxury travel destination. For babymooners, Sri Lanka means golden shores, mouth-watering cuisine, and eyefuls of raw, natural beauty which you can enjoy on Insight Guides' Sri Lanka Deluxe trip. This Asian gem is also known for its historic colonial architecture and friendly locals. Expectant mums can get the royal treatment at one of Sri Lanka's unreal boutique hotels. Secluded in the wildness of the jungle, this is about as private and serene as it gets. Is there a better way to unwind before baby? (We're guessing no.) 

Walking on Sri Lanka beach. Photo: ShutterstockWalking on a Sri Lanka beach. Photo: Shutterstock

11. Hong Kong

Vibrant and diverse, Hong Kong is endlessly exciting - making it an out-of-the-box babymoon destination. Visitors will delight in the never-ending selection of divine dim sum restaurants, traditional temple tours and mesmerising cityscapes. For a slice of tranquility, Victoria Park is a stunner, boasting an unbelievable flower market during Chinese New Year. And those who find themselves there in the autumn might also catch sight of the beautiful lanterns that light the night sky during the mid-Autumn Festival. See all the top attractions on Insight Guides Hong Kong Highlights trip. In a word: breathtaking.  

12. Montreal

Wonderfully European, Montreal is a little taste of Paris. Worldly, romantic and cosmopolitan, this Canadian city will have you feeling like you're on the streets of France. While parts of Montreal are brimming with old-school European charm, downtown Montreal reveals its modern heart: a pulsing collection of bistros, museums and contemporary architecture. Traditional French-Canadian comfort food is another big draw. (You can't go wrong at Mache on Rue Saint-Denis.) Pregnant mums with a soft spot for culture and French fare would be wise to put Montreal on their list.

13. Thailand

Thailand is a fantastic off-the-beaten-path choice for a babymoon. For starters, the beaches, which offer a nice break from bustling Bangkok, are simply out of this world. (Let's just say the clear waters and nearly deserted shores make for a tranquil hideaway.) Phuket, Ko Lanta, Phangan and Krabi all take paradise to a new level. When it comes to getting away from it all, expectant mothers can unwind beachside before sampling some authentic Thai cuisine. To catch Thailand during the cool season, schedule your trip between November and February. This time is perfect for hitting the beach with minimal humidity. Combine beach relaxation with the top sights on Insight Guides' Thailand Explorer trip. 

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