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Devetashka Cave, Bulgaria 21 May 2016

Posted on 21 May 2016
Devetashka Cave, Bulgaria
 Devetashka Cave, Bulgaria
Devetashka Cave, Bulgaria

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The atmospheric Devetashka Cave, just north of the village of Devetaki in Bulgaria's Balkan mountain region, features 11 underground lakes and beautiful cave formations. Inhabited since paleolithic times, it has yielded many archaeological finds, including tools and tablets.

Bulgaria makes for an exceptional stop on a river cruise on the Danube, which flows from the Alps to the Black Sea. A stop at Vidin in Bulgaria is especially magically.

Winding its way from the Alps to the Black Sea, this majestic waterway is an evergreen favourite for river cruises. Towns and cities of particular interest include Regensburg and Passau in Germany; Linz and Vienna in Austria; Bratislava in Slovakia; Budapest in Hungary, and Vidin in Bulgaria.

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