6 Essential Destinations for Autumn 2017

With the autumn fast approaching, it's time to start planning where you want to holiday for the season and what kind of new adventure you want to embark on. Here are our top autumn destinations for 2017...
Hot air balloons fly over the ancient pagodas of Bagan. Photo: Shutterstock
Hot air balloons fly over the ancient pagodas of Bagan. Photo: Shutterstock

South Africa

Autumn in the UK coincides with the dry season in South Africa. This is a great time to head into the wilderness on safari. National parks and game reserves are lush following the rainy season. As the rain subsides, animals migrate to watering holes, creating the perfect chance to spot them. The dry heat and lack of rain soon turns the foliage brown. Again, this gives the animals fewer places to hide, making them easier for explorers to spot. Temperatures average a pleasant 23 degrees centigrade, getting hotter throughout the season. Insight Guides’ South Africa’s Big Three: Kruger, Zululand and Swaziland trip features safaris in different locations throughout South Africa.


Buenos Aires is heating up. The beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere marks the start of summer in the south and the best time to visit. Get in before the Christmas break when tourists flock there in hordes. Kick off your trip learning to dance the tango on Insight Guides’ Argentina: Tango and Glaciers trip

Summer in Argentina is also the best time to explore Patagonia. Head south for stark scenes of jagged rocks broken up by torrents of white water and misty blue glaciers. Take to the unfrozen lakes and explore the lower flats where the grass has started to green to immerse yourself in areas inaccessible at other times of the year.


The streets of Dubrovnik quieten as autumn slowly begins. Temperatures remain pleasant at around 20 degrees centigrade. The skies look increasingly dramatic. This creates the perfect ambience for exploring narrow cobbled alleys and streets, which form the stage for numerous scenes in Game of Thrones. As the series reaches its finale, take advantage of the autumn calm. Choose a guided tour around the sites or walk the route alone and linger at the top of the Minetta Tower, taking in the views over the Adriatic Sea. Head further afield to Lokrum Island or Split to discover even more filming locations.


Myanmar has three seasons: cool, hot and rainy. The cool season comes in autumn and sees temperatures of 20 – 25 degrees centigrade. This period is perfect for strolling the Bagan Plains and exploring the 2,200 remaining temples and pagodas. Reduced winds and less rain also make good conditions to take to the skies and catch an aerial view of Bagan in a hot-air balloon. Go up for sunrise or sunset and watch the sky turn from a pale blue to orange and pink and red hues. Insight Guides’ The Best of Myanmar trip combines the Bagan plains with tours to Inle Lake and along the Ayeyarwaddy River.

Young girl celebrating Diwali.Celebrating Diwali. Photo: Shutterstock


Every day seems to bring the dawn of a new festival in India. The biggest and most important is Diwali which takes place in October/ November. The Hindu festival of light is a celebration of the victory of light over dark or good over evil. Five days of celebration leads to one main night of events. When the darkest night comes under a new moon Hindu people dress in their best clothes and light up the inside and outside of their homes, they say prayers, feast, exchange gifts and watch displays of fireworks. A spectacle that is exciting for any tourists to see. Insight Guides’ Unmissable India trip will take you on a tour of some of the best places in India.

Sri Lanka

Diwali is also celebrated among the Hindu population of Sri Lanka. The festivities combine with temperatures in their late 20s, making the end of the low season a great time to visit Sri Lanka. Join the Hindus in their Diwali celebrations, marvelling at the candles which light up the dark night and fireworks displays colouring the black skies. Explore the quiet streets of the towns, relax on the empty, rustic beaches and tour the lush tea plantations on Insight Guides’ Sri Lanka Deluxe trip. 

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