8 new luxury travel destinations

New luxury travel destinations...Photo: Shutterstock
New luxury travel destinations...Photo: Shutterstock

Is the French Riviera feeling too crowded? If you're looking for new luxury travel destinations, you've come to the right place. In this detailed rundown, we're covering eight much-buzzed-about locales that are a fresh departure from the expected. When it comes to exclusivity, top-of-the-line cuisine, and novel experiences, these vacation spots are tough to beat.

1. Sri Lanka

This Asian gem definitely tops our luxury travel list, especially for nature lovers. (Whale watching, anyone?) One of the country's biggest draws is its assortment of uber-private boutique hotels; think lavish bungalows and exotic jungle resorts. Accommodations aside, Sri Lanka's natural wonder is altogether exquisite. Between its tropical gardens, tea plantations, and idyllic beaches, it's little wonder Sri Lanka is gaining momentum as a top place to visit this year.

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Luxury travel at its very best. Photo: Shutterstock

2. Los Cabos

Los Cabos is Mexico at its very best. Massive, almost otherworldly formations of rocks dot the area, with lavish resorts and exclusive spas mixed in between. If it's the royal treatment you're after, Los Cabos isn't likely to disappoint. In addition to lazing around on white-sand beaches, visitors can also pass the time on the golf course or exploring the culture in San Jose del Cabo.

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3. Antarctica

Antarctica has quietly become a hot spot of sorts among luxury travellers who fancy a bit of adventure. Visitors can try their hand at everything from hiking to polar diving to kayaking, or simply taking in the expansive wilderness and incredible wildlife—including seal pups and whales. This remote destination is as secluded as it gets. (You probably have a better chance coming across penguins than people.) But that's probably part of the draw. To get there, many travellers jump on ships from South America.

4. South Africa

Who says you have to rough it while on safari? South Africa is positively bursting with luxury travel options that'll bring your visit to epic new heights. This includes private wildlife viewings and intimate tours of the bush. Of course, there's more to South Africa than just jaw-dropping wildlife. Cape Town is known the world over for its fabulous wine country, which rivals what you'd see in Napa or Europe. South Africa is also a premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts, especially hiking junkies and mountain bikers. Meanwhile, jewelry aficionados will likely be interested in touring the diamond mines of Johannesburg.

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Picnic fun while on safari in South Africa. Photo: Shutterstock

5. Cuba

Havana is shaping up to be a luxurious destination indeed. Taking in the crystal-blue waters of Playas del Este to the vibrant architecture of the Malecón, visitors can expect an experience like no other. And with Wi-Fi that's rumoured to be spotty at best, Cuba represents an opportunity to really go off the grid and disconnect from day-to-day life.

6. Anguilla

Anguilla redefines luxury. Here, big hotel chains are replaced with charming boutique resorts that only dial up the intimacy level. What's more, this Caribbean island is filled with some of the freshest seafood around, including crayfish. (Nat's Palm Grove is said to serve the very best.) To get to Anguilla, your best bet is to fly to St Maarten, then take the ferry over to the island.

How's this for luxury?

7. Iceland

Iceland may not immediately come to mind as an A-list resort town, but that's exactly what it's evolving into. It boasts raw, intense beauty that can only be described as dazzling. Bubbling mud pools, ultra-relaxing hot springs, and rushing waterfalls are among the country's most popular natural wonders. In the summer months, visitors can enjoy sunny weather well into the wee hours (thanks to the long days brought on by the Midnight Sun). Either way, do be sure to visit one of Reykjavik's legendary geothermal spas.

Hot spring geothermal spa on Iceland. Photo: Shutterstock

8. Croatia

Island-hoppers flock to Croatia in droves, and with good reason; a number of stunning little isles dot the country's coast. In other words, this is the beachy destination for luxury travelers. For a blissfully remote getaway, consider Lestovo Island. Here, nothing awaits but the azure blue waters of the Adriatic sea. Those looking for a little more action can leave the shimmering coast behind and head inland for a glimpse of Croatia's medieval charms.

Stunning Croatia...

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