Where to get the best late-summer sun

With the summer quickly subsiding, we look at the best destinations for catching the last of the summer sun...
Buddist Temple Borobudur Taken, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Photo: Shutterstock
Buddist Temple Borobudur Taken, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Photo: Shutterstock

Positano, Italy

As summer draws to an end, tourists depart the Amalfi Coast, making it a great place to absorb the last of the summer sun. Average temperatures of 24 degrees centigrade linger as nights begin to draw in. Enjoy evenings in quiet open-air restaurants as you sip slowly on a glass of wine. September also brings festivals to the Amalfi Coast. Locals come out to celebrate Festa del Pesce, which takes place on Fornillo Beach in Positano. Local dishes of the fresh fish give way to dancing in the early evening as music from the live band fills the salty sea air. Visit the town on Insight Guides' Best of South Italy: Rome, Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast trip. 

The Greek Islands 

The Greek Islands stay warm for longer than most other European destinations, making them perfect for extending your summer. Island hop around the Mediterranean Sea, taking in each new idyllic coastal village. Seas of white buildings flood the cliff faces, broken up only by painted sea-blue window frames and doors. Sandy beaches grace the shore lines of every island. Here you can relax and soak up the last of the sun rays before jumping into the refreshingly warm, deep blue sea.

Barcelona, Spain

Fewer tourists head to the quieter beaches, leaving ample space to settle on the sandy shores of Barcelona. Combine mornings taking in cultural sights and architectural masterpieces. Spend afternoons relaxing on Sant Sebastià until the sun sets. Alternatively, take a boat trip, diving into the sun-warmed sea, savouring the last of the salty water. Then head to town for sunset and enjoy the cooling summer breeze at one of the many cosmopolitan roof top bars. Look out over the cityscape and the golden beach with a fruity cocktail in hand. Spend two nights in Barcelona with Insight Guides' Cultural Cities of Spain trip. 

Grand Mosque of MuscatGrand Mosque of Muscat. Photo: Shutterstock

Muscat, Oman

Venture further afield and absorb the higher temperatures in Oman this September. Muscat offers an average temperature of 36 degrees centigrade and tons of summer fun. Sleep under the starry night sky on the soft blanket of Wahiba Sands. Discover small Bedouin villages stuck to the slopes of the Wadi Bani Khalid. Glimpse the verdant oases on the horizon before plunging into their refreshing waters. If all the activities get too tiring, return to Muscat and bask in Middle Eastern five-star luxury. Insight Guides' Omani Adventure: Deserts, Dunes and Turtle Watching trip offers the full experience.  

Islands of Indonesia

Indonesia is a great destination for a longer holiday that will extend your summer. Get cultural and glare over fascinating natural scenes on Insight Guides' Indonesia Island Hop trip. Take advantage of temperatures in the late 20s. Here you can explore temples, beaches, volcanos and rainforests. Spot wild animals such as the deadly Komodo dragon, cheeky orangutans and majestic tigers. With average water temperatures of 27 degrees, Indonesia is home to some of the best dive sites in the world. Head into the water for a change of scenery and to uncover a whole new world. 

Ricefields in the Northwest of VietnamRicefields in the Northwest of Vietnam. Photo: Shutterstock

Tour Vietnam

Temperatures remain high in Vietnam during September. However, the humidity subsides, making it a great place to catch some late-summer sun. Travel around the country to enjoy the sweet scent of milk flowers lingering in the hot Hanoi air. Take in the contrast of traditional and modern architecture in Hoi An. Appreciate the varying ecology along the Mekong Delta and its numerous islets. Bask on the deserted beaches and bathe in the calm waters of the Gulf of Thailand in Phu Quoc. Observe the yellowing fields of rice which rise over hill sides, terrace by terrace, in Sapa. Head from north to south on Insight Guides' Luxury Vietnam trip.