Insight Guides podcast: Delving into the Panama Canal

Insight Guides is launching its first ever podcast series! Hosted by Insight Guides travel editor Zara Sekhavati, each of the six episodes in the series focuses on a captivating story that showcases a fascinating destination from around the globe.
Atlantic side of Panama Canal. Photo: dani3315/Shutterstock
Atlantic side of Panama Canal. Photo: dani3315/Shutterstock

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first ever series of Insight Guides: the Travel Podcast. Insight Guides travel editor Zara Sekhavati hosts the six episodes, each highlighting a destination you’ve always wanted to visit, with engaging stories enhanced by in-depth perspectives from local travel experts.

Insight Guides: the Travel Podcast – Episode One

Our first episode explores a Central American nation that features on numerous destination lists for 2019 – Panama. We delve into the history of the Panama Canal and investigate the convoluted tale of conflict, failure and the struggle for power behind the world’s most important waterway. 

We speak to Insight Guides researcher and writer, Sara Humphreys about the story behind the greatest engineering feat of the 20th century. Initially, Sara wasn’t particularly keen on travelling to Panama, but she reveals how on visiting the Panama Canal she was drawn in by the captivating story behind its construction, and charmed by the spectacular rainforest scenery and wildlife that surrounds the canal itself.

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This episode was produced by Jessie Lawson for Reduced Listening. Special thanks to Sara Humphreys.