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An old classic American blue car on the background of National Capitol Building in Havana
An old classic American blue car on the background of National Capitol Building in Havana. PhotoŁ Shutterstock

If you've got a weakness for luxury travel, you may want to perk up. We had a chat with one of our favourite bloggers, Carmen Edelson of Carmen's Luxury Travel, who knows a thing or two about high-end getaways. Here are her top tips for planning your next luxury getaway.

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Tell us about your blog. What inspired it?

"I started travelling about a decade ago through Europe and the Caribbean. Since I started in my 40s, I wanted to help others get started finding out about the world.  My interest in travelling grew greater because I wanted my children to learn firsthand about other countries and cultures. I launched my luxury travel blog, Carmen’s Luxury Travel, in 2013 which specializes in luxury and family travel after receiving encouragement from a close friend to document and share my amazing experiences, love of travel, and photography. I continue to enjoy travelling around the world and indulging in the finer things in life, whether I'm with my husband, my family, or my girlfriends. I'm a jetsetter at heart, and I’ll never get tired of travelling."

Portrait of african cuban woman smoking cigar in Havana.

A cuban woman smoking a cigar in Havana. Photo: Shutterstock

What have been your most popular posts? What are travellers craving most?

"Cuba is one of my favorite and the hottest destinations. American tourists haven’t been able to visit legally for the last 50 years, but with the recent changes, Cuba has never been more desirable or accessible until now. One of my most popular posts was  “Cuba Top 10 Best Tourist Destinations.”  Being born in Cuba and having lots of family who are still there gives me real insight to get off the usual tourist track in Cuba. My articles are insider's guides to some of the best tourist locations around Cuba, written by a local Cuban." 

What are your favourite luxury destinations and why?

"The island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands is one of my favorite luxury destinations.  It has it all; a subtropical climate, tapas, local seafood and a rugged terrain that makes it a popular destination among Europeans wanting to soak up the sun and sunbathe on its famous black volcanic beaches. Santorini is another favorite because it is one of those dreamy islands; people want to stay forever watching the breathtaking sunsets and white cliffside buildings."

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White-blue Santorini.

White-blue wonder in Santorini. Photo: Shutterstock

What are your best luxury travel tips?

"Use frequent flyer miles for first class or business class. For international trips, one of the biggest expenses is airfare, particularly if you fly business class. By planning ahead and using frequent flyer miles to book first class or business class award seats, you get to upgrade your flying experience to one you might not be able to afford on paid tickets."


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