7 reasons your next trip should feature wildlife

Pondering your next adventure and not sure where to travel? Whether you enjoy lacing up your hiking boots or simply relaxing on a sun-drenched beach, these seven reasons explain why wildlife tracking, a trip to a national park or a visit to a reserve should feature on your itinerary too
Wildlife watching should feature on your next trip itinerary
A group of tourists watch a leopard from their jeep

Wildlife watching should feature on your next trip itinerary. Photo: Shutterstock

Wildlife watching is an experience like no other. Seeing the world's greatest, most beautiful and most frightening animals up-close is indescribable. They say a picture paints a thousand words; here are seven to show why we think wildlife watching should feature on your next trip itinerary...

1. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see this?

Shockingly, this tiny Asian elephant isn't the star attraction of Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. We'll give you one guess what is... Of course, the old man of the jungle (as the orangutan is commonly known) is a must-see when planning your wildlife bucketlist. Founded in 1964, this centre now houses around 60-80 orangutans, with a few other animals living here too. 

Located on 43km sq of protected land in the north of Borneo, the centre allows the rehabilitated animals to roam freely. Add a stop here on Insight Guides' Traditional Malaysia and Wild Borneo holiday for your chance to get up-close to these intriguing creatures.  

2. And how you could you miss this?

Sri Lanka's Yala National Park is home to a plethora of wild animals, the most impressive of which might just be the leopard (pictured here). Tour the country's second largest national park by jeep to track and potentially spot this elusive creature. If you don't catch a sighting, you might see elephants, crocodiles, deer, flocks of exotic birds and potentially a bear or two instead. 

Insight Guides' Unforgettable Sri Lanka holiday includes a stop at Yala National Park, where our local experts will work their hardest to help you spot this incredible animal. 

3. Wildlife-watching or tracking makes for a memorable holiday activity

No-one can deny that watching animals in their native habitats is wildly exciting, even if they're simply chomping through their lunch. Of course, the one-horned rhinoceros, spotted here in Nepal's Chitwan National Park, is no exception. The country's first national park and now one of its biggest attractions, Chitwan is home to a wealth of species. 

Spot riverside wildlife while cruising in a dugout canoe and take a jeep safari for the chance to spot the park's tiger population too. Insight Guides' Himalayan Family Adventure includes these activities and more. 

4. Plus, you help with conservation efforts too

Depending on where you travel and what you see while there, most chances are your money and support will aid a charitable or conservation project. Insight Guides' Galapagos Island tours, for example, all visit the Charles Darwin Research Centre on Santa Cruz Island. Home to both a giant tortoise and land iguana breeding programme, donations made here go directly back into the funding of the centre and conservation efforts around the islands. 

The Galapagos Tortoise (pictured) is a fairly easy species to watch; spending around 16 hours a day resting and moving at a slow pace while active, they're not the type to disappear at speed.

5. You might spot one of these

Large manta rays like this one are a popular sighting off Costa Rica's Isla del Caño. With visibility here of up to 20m year-round, it makes for an ideal destination for diving and snorkelling. Time it right and you might spot dolphin, whales, sea turtles and an abundance of tropical fish too. Take a boat tour on Insight Guides' adventurous Costa Rica's Wild South holiday to experience the most exciting marine life up close. 

6. It won’t all be pretty 

Sure, they're wild animals. They need to eat, just like us. And, I can tell you, that often isn't too pretty. But watching a pride of lions chase down and take out their prey is a heart-racing sight. 

Insight Guides' Cape Amazing: Cape Town Explored itinerary includes both game drives and bush walks, where you explore Kapama Private Game Reserve on foot. Yes, you did read that right. Highly-trained game rangers will accompany you, as you tour the reserve's bush on your own two feet. You'll even learn how to track wildlife and identify footprints... 

7. But it sure will be impressive

What a creature to finish this list on. The Bengal tiger is one of the most magnificent animals on earth. Ranthambore National Park, located in India's northern Rajasthan region, is home to an impressive population. Keen wildlife-watchers might spot leopards and marsh crocodiles here too. 

Dotted with old forts, the park is an interesting place to tour, and often touted as one of the country's most beautiful national parks. Discover it for yourself on Insight Guides' India's Monuments and Tigers tour.

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